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When i click on the Logs button, it quits immediately. I have a 4S

Great App

Works great for me and so far is the best one I found in a way that u can customize your training, plus it has a big variety of exercises. I just miss a feature to create exercises and also combine them in drop sets and/or super series .. Despite that last comment is a great app. No bugs so far for me ( also with a 4 S).

FIT five stars

Muito bom! Aprovado! HD!

Better than

Its the best trainer app for iPhone! I more easy to use and very interesting! It will be more fun when we can share ours workouts with Facebook!

Pls fix

Menu is moved - all keys lays over each other ... Pls fix!! Iphone 3g 4.1.2

I dont use it

I was very disappointed to find out, that there are only fixed workouts that do not match my needs. As soon as I can create my own workouts from the exercises I want, I will give 5 stars

damaged navigation

all navigation keys lay over each other. unusable!!!!! iPod Touch IOS 4.21

Pretty good

But I wish there where more exercises that dont require as much equipment, Im a newbie and all I have are cans lol (to use as weights).

More Features?

The app is quite useful and user friendly. The one thing it lacks (or I havent figured out yet) is how to create my own workout. There are some pre made workouts to choose from but I want to make my own. Also the ability to share your own workouts with others would be nice. Still a solid app and worth the $0.99.

Great app!

So useful and convenient. I cant wait to make full use of this,

Not as Good as the original Ifitness

When I bought this app I was hoping that it was going to be a re-launch of the original Ifitness, well it fell far short, the graphics are good and the video of the exercise show you how to do it. If you use one of the apps workouts you cant track your weights or reps, you also cant build a custom workout. The biggest thing I would have liked to have seen was the ability to back up my workouts and be ably to restore them on all my other devices

Not useful

There is a number of workouts and exercises but no way to setup weekly customized workout plan with comments. Informational bit not useful ..


Thanks for tricking me. Thought this was relaunch of original far from it this app is useless and glitchie also good job taking a good name and turning it into poop

Very solid app.

This app has great videos, images and a very useful workout mode.

You get what you pay for

Poorly executed ripoff of the original, zero functionality other then showing workouts, pictures and video. No data logging, tracking, stats, clumsy GUI, buggy (crashes).

Oh wow

Although this app looks great and has a nice simple ui not being able to make custom workouts makes it useless for advanced users .

Needs more needed features...

The app is okay. Similar to the original and much better iFitness app. They need to add: iCloud support which they say is coming soon; ability to create my own custom exercises; the ability for me to create my own workout routines and; the ability to log my BP and estimated calories burned that I get from my Polar watch and BP strap. Once these important features are added then I can give them 5 out of 5 stars.


Not a fan :(. As a beginner I was hoping for some pre-set workouts and routines. There is nothing like that on my app. All it does is list the exercises. I am super disappointed. Not to mention when I go into Settings I cant get back out without closing right out of the app.


this is the best fitness app out there! especially with the new custom workout feature and tons of premade workouts 5/5

Love it!

Great when I forget variations, nice to mix it up.

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